Connector 3

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17 Martie 2017
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Who can participate?

CONNECTOR is about networking, practice, sharing and change, but it’s mostly about the PEOPLE involved in THE learning experience.

And who are those people that CONNECTOR addresses?
Youth workers, adult education practitioners, trainers, facilitators, teachers, educators, support staff, learning facilitators, representatives coming from school, higher and adult education, vocational training and other enthusiasts interested in active learning.

The people joining the event are aware that learning can happen everywhere: in the classroom, but also on the street, in museums, pubs or parks.
All in all, 200 participants + 20 learning facilitators
Open call for facilitators HERE (application deadline: 22th of April)
Open call for participants HERE (application deadline: 25th of April for Romanian participants and 8th of May for other countries)

Since we want to connect as many learning enthusiasts as possible, the event will be open for all those interested and willing to cover their costs from various sources (organizations, projects, personal). If this is your case, please fill in the form available HERE until 25th of April.


Learning by doing and focusing on the participants' needs and experience are key elements to personal and professional development.

With these in mind, the main objectives of the event are:
- to promote non-formal learning in Europe and Romania
- to create connections between non-formal learning, formal education and vocational training
- to develop a space for identifying the common needs and challenges of all the stakeholders involved
- to develop solutions for the identified needs and challenges through projects and network activities
- to create a collaborative space for sharing methods, instruments, practices and efficient ideas for learning
- to create future European partnerships, eligible under Erasmus+ programme

This edition aims to carry on the legacy started in 2014, to make CONNECTOR, in the following years, a European reference point regarding effective and non-formal learning.

Here you can also find the movie shot during the 2015 edition in order to get into the atmosphere:


How will CONNECTOR happen?

The event is based on sharing, learning and experimenting with thematic days.

Day 1 – Sharing
After the official opening we will start working. The day will be dedicated to the exchange of ideas, practices and experiences among participants aiming to identify network activities and projects that can be developed collaboratively and to get a glimpse of the learning methods presented in CONNECTOR 2016.
This day will use the "open space" methodology. As fruit for thought, in the opening we will start with several inspirational speeches related to educational topics that matter.

Days 2 & 3 – Learning
Two days that will be focused on learning and developing knowledge, skills and attitudes. Brains and emotions will be equally involved in this process.  
Learning methods and tools (such as forum theater or improvisation theater, storytelling, graphic facilitation, street animation, drumming etc.) will be shared by experienced facilitators in parallel workshops and training courses (one workshop per participant).

Days 4 &5 – Experimenting
Participants will put in practice in the local community the methods they experienced during days 2&3 through shows, performances or other type of interactive activities.

Where will CONNECTOR happen?

The event takes place in Bucharest, a city with a vibrant cultural and social life and the capital of Romania.

This event is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme.

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